All That Gatsby Glitter- styled shoot


All That Gatsby Glitter- styled shoot

And so the 1920’s have once again taken the wedding industry by storm….with all that glitter being the order of the day, having your wedding day embellished in décor of opulence, you are sure to make a statement.

All that Gatsby glitter was the conceptualisation behind the shoots creation by décor stylist Jade Snyman of Jade’ Customised Events, and has incorporated all the elements of the wedding industry’s latest trends. Glitter designed runners, art deco styled décor pieces, and essentially some old school vintage glamour props, to a retired race horse…it would only be Ashanti Estate, that could be the perfect selection for the site to photograph and bring all these ideas together.

All the suppliers worked well to bring the vision through in their designs, but it was ultimately the man behind the lense Bernard Bravenboer, from Bernard Bravenboer Photography that brought the concept to life.

We are pleased to feature the end result of a hard day’s work, but possibly one of the best visual rewards…All Glitter….


Article, Coordination, Styling & Conceptualisation –  Jade’ Customised Events
Venue and Catering: Ashanti Estate; Stationery: Lezanne’s Designs; Cake Table Spread: Over Indulgence Cupcakes; Flowers and Décor: Bunches for AfricaLa Maison GroupUrban TonicMy Pretty Vintage,  Makeup and Hair Stylist:Marli Basson Professional Hair and Make-up Artist; Photographer: Bernard Bravenboer; Wedding Dresses: Adore Me,Ilse Roux Bridal Wear; Accessories: Zanry Jewellery Manufacturing and Design; Men’s Attire: Euro Suit; Wash lighting:SMD Technical; Models: Jurgen (20 Management), Adri, Hestré, Kebone

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