Kaitlin and Gary – Romantic Affair – Olive Rock

Kaitlin and Gary – Romantic Affair – Olive Rock

What an amazing couple to work with, in designing this “destination” wedding at the beautiful Olive Rock. It is not everyday we get the privilege to work out of Cape Town and the winelands, and Olive Rock did not disappoint.   Originally it was planned to be an outside wedding, but the rains prevented us from having an outside ceremony, although the heavens opened up just long enough for the canape’s and reception proceedings. The decor was exactly a combination of Kaitlin and Gary’s personalities, with just enough magic to bring about their romantic affair.

Thank you to all involved for making this such a special event:

Coordination: Jade’ Customised Events

Styling: Jade Vollgraaff – Jade’ Customised Events

Decor and flowers: Jade’ Customised Events

Venue and Catering and staffing: Olive Rock

Photography: Lindy Truter Photography

DJ: Music 2 the Max

Stationery: Lezanne’s Designs

Cake: Wade’s Cakes

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