Vondeling Wedding Venue – Karita and Rene’

Project Description

With this gorgeous couple based in Australia, we had a field day creating a warm and cosy intimate gathering that speaks volumes about who this couple are. Down to earth and absolute fun loving, well…to say the decor rounds it off perfectly is an understatement. Thank you Tasha Seccombe for once again capturing the hear and essence of everything beautiful in this gorgeous wedding.


Coordination: Jade’ Customised Events

Floral design and styling: Design a Bloom – Jade’ Customised Events

Venue: Vondeling Wine Estate

Photography: Tasha SeccombeKaritaRene_sml-363 KaritaRene_sml-304 KaritaRene_sml-213 KaritaRene_sml-53 KaritaRene_sml-55 KaritaRene_sml-57 KaritaRene_sml-198 KaritaRene_sml-200 KaritaRene_sml-211 KaritaRene_sml-41 KaritaRene_sml-40 KaritaRene_sml-39 KaritaRene_sml-36 KaritaRene_sml-34 KaritaRene_sml-33 KaritaRene_sml-32 KaritaRene_sml-47 KaritaRene_sml-45 KaritaRene_sml-30 KaritaRene_sml-12 KaritaRene_sml-13 KaritaRene_sml-15 KaritaRene_sml-22 KaritaRene_sml-23 KaritaRene_sml-24 KaritaRene_sml-25 KaritaRene_sml-28

Vondeling, Floral, Rustic, Burgundy, Bulb Lights, Cape Town.

Vondeling, Floral, Rustic, Burgundy, Bulb Lights, Cape Town.